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Ayurvedic Massage: Loving hands lymphatic massage

Abhyanga is specific to each client and is based on the individual's prakruti and Vikruti, with focus on prakruti.

Prakruti: One's constitution, the inherent ideal balance as determined at conception and remains unchanging throughout life, one's true nature. The energetic force that expresses through one's genetic makeup.

Vikruti: Current state of imbalance.

When the present condition and unique nature of the client is determined, then the therapeutic purpose is established. Abhyanga is a highly specific treatment, simply because, Every-Body is different. This specificity of treatment is the hallmark of Ayurveda.

Therapeutic Purposes: Reducing and Strengthening. The purpose of abhyanga is not the massage itself, but the application of the herbalized oil and the subsequent absorption into the body. Skin is the largest organ and absorbs, into the bloodstream, whatever substance is placed on it. In abhyanga the client is "fed" the oil and herbs through the skin organ.

Langhana (reducing): The elimination of toxins and excess in the body is useful for weight management, obesity, digestive challenges, managing pitta and kapha and general excesses of the body.

Harmonizes vata dosha-the primary cause of imbalances

Brimhana (strengthening): Reduces vata

How does abhyanga differ from other massage?

The Ayurvedic methodology of massage is focused on the practitioner's understanding of Prana and its functions in the body. Ayurveda developed the science of marmas, vital points in the body. Yoga developed the science of nadis, channels of energy. In abhyanga, the subtle anatomy of marmas, nadis and chakras is used. This knowledge of the subtle anatomy and the use of medicinal plants and oils, set abhyanga apart from other massage techniques.

Warm, herbalized oil massage is gently and with flowing movements, massaged into the skin. Rhythmic, soothing stokes are used to move the underlying toxins in the tissue layers back to the digestive tract from where they can be eliminated.


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