During my Ayurveda consultations, I often hear, “It’s ok, it’s only stress.” “I can handle it.” Whether stress manifests as anxiety, high blood pressure, poor sleep or insomnia, panic attacks, and on the list goes–it is not ok. How stress affects your health, is significant.* FREE 15 minute consultation to learn how anxiety and sleep can improve, email

Stress erodes our wellbeing and may have devastating health consequences. Our nationwide stress is at a high. Nearly half of all Americans report being awake at night.**  Seventy-five to ninety percent of doctor visits are for stress-related illnesses. ***

Stress is up. Most Americans are suffering from moderate to high stress, with 44 percent reporting that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. *

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) declared stress a hazard of the workplace. Stress costs American industry more than $300 billion annually. The lifetime prevalence of an emotional disorder is more than 50%, often due to chronic, untreated stress reactions.***

I have known Jim for a long time, and when he came to me for his Ayurveda Consultation, he was clearly suffering and the stress and anxiety he was experiencing, was unremitting and causing his health to deteriorate before our eyes.  Please read Jim’s story below.

Unremitting and Deteriorating Health –No More!
“I have known Veena for close to twenty years. Over the years, I have sought her Ayurvedic counsel to improve my state of well-being and when I was struggling with significant, unremitting and deteriorating health issues. Her Ayurvedic treatment was always extremely beneficial.  

She has amazing gifts to share and people should know that. Veena is a great listener whose subtle, penetrating questions effectively bring forward important information.  She is also extremely intuitive. 

I appreciate her collaborative approach as it results in a multimodality Ayurveda plan tailored to my unique symptoms, needs, schedule, and goals. 

Veena stays personally engaged, tracking changes and adjusting for as long as it takes to accomplish maximum healing and health.  She is a true healer.  I enthusiastically recommend Veena, without hesitation.”  –Jim Nelson, Psychologist, MA, author Running on Empty

If you experience stress or anxiety, or other issues, there are natural health solutions. Chronic stress and anxiety is not something we do well to muscle through, or to minimize it as “it’s just stress.” It has a profound influence on our sense of wellbeing and health.

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Follow vata soothing food program-generally warm, moist, spiced food–think crockpot meals.

Ground vata daily through breath, relaxation, resting, being

Replace the practice of worrying with the practice of faith; prayer and meditation

Enjoy gentle, restorative yoga, let someone else do the jogging

Allow the mind one thing to focus on at time, multi-tasking is an illusion

Replace lunch time errands with a nap, quiet rest, or relaxation breathing

Enjoy calm warm environments

Favor picnics and quiet lunches to bustling restaurants

Practice deep breathing and clear your mind instead of chatting with colleagues

Take in soothing, calming music leave the loud, aggravating music

Limit intake of mass media, especially news and talk radio, replace with inspirational

Take in a romantic comedy

Close up computer and television by 6pm

Take a technology fast on evenings and weekends

Read spiritual uplifting works instead of the newspaper/magazine

Spiced hot tea with natural sugar and organic cream instead of caffeine/coffee

Wake up to a soothing alarm clock such as a chime or a sun-clock

Learn at-home tools you can use to keep grounded

#1 Reason for Doctor Appointments: Stress/Anxiety

Is stress playing a bigger role in your life than you would like it to? For most of us,the answer is absolutely.

When we endure stress, systems in the body can be negatively affected: the digestive system and metabolic function (including imbalances in body weight), the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the immune system.

Excess stress can also impact our mental and emotional states, our relationships.

Ayurveda shines in its capacity to distill a host of complex maladies into an elegantly simple collection of qualitative patterns, which help to illuminate a clear path toward healing for each individual. Ayurveda’s approach to managing stress is a prime example of a natural, holistic approach to reducing stress.

Five Steps to Re-Balance:
1. Slow Down One of the most important first steps in balancing stress is to slow down. However, when we’re accustomed to living a fast-paced, busy life, slowing down can seem impossible. It is not. When we get clear about our priroties we can begin to  have amore balanced daily life and we feel the benefits instantly.

2. Self Care is not Indulgent, it is a basic need. Each day, regardless of what else might be going, investing a little bit of time provides a significant return on your health. Choosing to prioritize things like adequate rest and other practices can help us stay centered as we navigate the turbulence of the world around us.
– Take a Bath – Try Our Organic Herbal Floral Vacation Bath Sachet
– Try Oil Pulling – Try Our Antimicrobial Dental Oil
– Do Daily Self Massage – All Time Customer Favorite
– Practice Nasya – Free 10 Minute Consultation -Determine the Best Oil for Your Sinuses
– Be Outside – We weren’t meant to be inside and seated.
– Read Uplifting Books – I love Billy Crystal and Carl Reiner’s books
– Rest on Park Bench, near water when possible
– Have a Good Laugh with a Friend
– Get Adequate Rest – To Learn Your Ideal Sleep Schedule contact us for a FREE 15 minute consultation,

3. Daily Rhythms are Balancing
Ayurveda recommends a daily routine for everyone as that provides us a settling rhythm to the day–the body and mind know what to expect and appreciate the consistency. Actually, it is amazing how beneficial few tweaks to our day can be. Think about the natural world and how prevalent routines are; most plants and animals are profoundly attuned to the cycles of day and night, the seasons, and other patterns that direct the broader community of life

A Word About Exercise Exercise can be a panacea for improved health improving things like sound sleep, the and the ability to relax. Proper exercise helps to release accumulated tension, move stagnant mental and emotional energy, and improve circulation.

4. Quiet the Mind-Body– Chronic stress tends to ramp up the sympathetic nervous system so that our bodies react to even benign situations as if they were threatening (think fight-flight response.) Ayurveda recommends a number of therapies like pranayama/breathing, yoga, and meditation as an effective means of breaking this cycle, resetting the nervous system. These new habits break the stress cycle.

Ayurvedic herbs also support health in the mind and the nervous system and can be incredibly effective. This step is about calming the nervous system qnd appreciating that things can be different.
– Breathing Practices–Learn What Practices Are Supportive For You Now
– Yoga Practices–Consider a Yoga Work IN vs a workout
– Meditation–Free Virtual Meditation Coaching,

Rethink Stress -Studies show that how we feel about the stress in our lives affects its impact on our physiology. If we view stress as a harmful influence, it generally is. If however, we view stress as an adaptive response to a difficult situation, its negative impacts are dramatically reduced.

5. Eat Food that is Good for YOU- Eating correctly for you does not need to be overwhelming. Simple approaches to eating well, and it can be done, have a profound and lasting impact. Food needs to be a wholesome, simple, and managable so it is a sustainable habit. For a FREE introduction on How To Eat Correctly for You, email

Why do you ask me about my digestion and elimination when I am coming to you for back or joint pain?

 It is an understandable question.
For a Free 15 minute consultation to learn how to naturally reduce inflammation through things you already do daily, email

What is often behind pain, is inflammation/heat, what we call in Ayurveda-pitta. The heat originates in the gut and overflows into general circulation (think blood and plasma) and spreads and then lands where there is a weak point–perhaps the weak point is a place that runs in the family or a place that sustained an injury.

In Ayurveda, the key principle is that opposite qualities balance. If there is excess heat, then cooling is the treatment direction. Stated differently, heat plus heat =  more heat.

As each aspect of the body and mind are connected, in Ayurveda we seek the root cause of the present symptom, so that treatment may go as deeply as possible, versus suppressing symptoms and not addressing the source of the discomfort and pain.

Read Angela’s story below…

Photos by Veena Haasl-Blilie

“I have had amazing success working with Veena to calm inflammation and muscle/joint pain and improve digestion. Through her food recommendations, I now know what foods to eat. Her herbalized oils, teas and spice mixes are amazing!

In one month, I have gone from considering pain medication and cortisone shots to feeling whole (and sane and hopeful) again. 

My General Practitioner could find nothing wrong with me despite a barrage of blood tests. In just two hours with Veena, she knew exactly how to help me. I have more energy, more focus, more motivation, more patience (just ask my kids), more happiness and less pain. Amazingly less pain. 

I am a different person thanks to her knowledge and care. I strongly recommend that anyone that suffers or who wants to feel better, start working with Veena. After seeing the changes I experienced, my family sees her now too.” –Angela B. at Becoming Consulting