Ayurvedic Consultations

“I have known Veena for close to twenty years. Over the years, I have sought her Ayurvedic counsel to improve my state of well-being and when I was struggling with significant, unremitting and deteriorating health issues. Her Ayurvedic treatment were always extremely beneficial.

She has amazing gifts to share and people should know that.  Veena is a great listener whose subtle, penetrating questions effectively bring forward important information.  She is also extremely intuitive.

I appreciate her collaborative approach as it results in a multimodality Ayurveda plan tailored to my unique symptoms, needs, schedule and goals.

Veena stays personally engaged, tracking changes and adjusting for as long as it takes to accomplish maximum healing and health.  She is a true healer.  I enthusiastically recommend Veena, without hesitation.”   –James W. Nelson, Psychologist, MA, author Running on Empty – a practical and worthwhile reflection on crucial factors influencing our youth.

This is my approach to your consultation and Ayurvedic treatment.  I use an Integrative Consultation process:  Intake is our first appointment. Your second appointment is the Report of Findings and walking through your customized Ayurveda Plan. The third appointment is your follow up. In between, I am available to you by email or phone, at no charge, should you need or want support, be that more recipes, or suggestions how to organize your day so it flows well.

Once you have had an Integrative Consultation, simply have a Follow Up Consulation, or Seasonal Consultation.

Seasonal Consultations, teach you how your body/mind change at different times of year and you learn how to maintain balance.

Follow Up Consultations-are available any time you need or want it to keep balanced.  If a new symptom or challenge arises, you want to go deeper into Ayurveda’s tools, or you are seeking a tune up and want to touch base, Follow Up Consultations maintain your wellness momentum.

Quaint Corrales Consultation Area

NE Minneapolis Consultation Area. Garland Building, above the Ginger Hop Restaruant