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Ayurvedic Consultation  

 Includes guided relaxation, initial visit, Whole Health Plan visit and check ins. 
You are encouraged to have an Ayurvedic consultation.
The picture painted through this initial visit allows for the creation of a Whole Health Plan that optimally supports and balances you. This plan serves as your customized guide to choices designed to provide balance in body, mind and spirit as well as to avoid the on-set of imbalances.

The purpose of a consultation is to determine your doshic picture, or constitution.
During this conversation, your nature and any imbalances are identified with specificity. From this, a Whole Health Plan is created that includes, aromas, colors, gentle detoxification, food, herbs, yoga, meditation and other ayurvedic treatments such as herbalized warm oil massage—all designed to restore or maintain balance.

Ayurveda is interested in the unique individual.
Since every-body is different, Whole Health Plans and treatments are created with incredible specificity to maximize effectiveness.

  1. Initial Visit: Your consultation begins with a guided relaxation at the initial visit. This helps you let go of the concerns of the day and move into the present moment.  The initial visit is an in-depth look at your health and life-style practices.  Approximately two- three hours 
  2. Whole Health Plan Visit: From the conversation at the initial visit, a detailed Whole Health Plan is created based on your unique constitution and the root causes of any imbalances. This plan will include 5 senses treatments, including food choices, herbs, and other therapeutic lifestyle choices. At this visit, you receive education on your Whole Health Plan. The plan will be explained in detail and your questions answered empowering you to move forward in creating balance and improving your vitality. Approximately one hour 
  3. Check In: Two weeks after the Whole Health Plan visit, you will receive a check in by email or phone. The purpose of these brief check ins it to see how you are doing with the plan, and answer any basic questions and to support you on your path. Approximately 15 minutes
  4. One month follow up: The purpose of this visit is to continue implementing aspects of your Whole Health Plan with supportive education, check in with how you are feeling, and monitor the plan. Adjustments, additions and changes to the plan may be necessary to optimally support you. This visit is a very helpful step to take.  Approximately one half hour.

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