Fees: Consultations and Treatments


Consultation Package Options: Fee Savings Non-Package Cost
Integrative Consultation IMost Popular Package

Intake, Plan, 30 min Follow Up

$195 $45 $240
Integrative 2 – A Great Choice 

Intake, Plan, 1-60-minute, 1-30 minute follow up

$295 $65 $360
Integrative 3-  Most Coverage

Intake, Plan, 2-60 minute, 2-30 minutes follows, + email for one month

$480 $80 $560
Lifestyle Session
Introducing key Ayurveda tools to optimize well-being. Includes a refreshing approach to eating well and skillfully and a daily flow (dinacharya) that maximally supports you. Simple and profound.
60 minutes, $85
90 minutes, $100
Follow Up for Consultation Clients

Seasonal Consultation-Stay Well During Seasonal Changes

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $85

 *   Does not include applicable taxes

Integrative Consultations: Integrative Consultations include an in-depth, 8-fold Ayurveda assessment, (pulse, tongue, etc.), which leads to a Custom Ayurveda Plan and Report of Findings and follow up sessions.  During the Ayurveda Plan session, we will spend about an hour and half walking through the findings and plan and answering any questions you may have.

Integrative Consultation Packages allow the clients and practitioner to walk together for a few to several months. Why is this important? Two main reasons.  First, this ongoing support helps client integrate Ayurveda easily and consistently into their daily life and provides time to address the client’s concerns and goals.  Second, hanging out in the process together for months, the client’s Custom Ayurveda Plan can be tweaked, additions made, new concerns and goals addressed.

Seasonal Consultations Ayurveda’s Guide to Wellness: Understanding the qualities of each season and how they uniquely influence you, can help you reduce any adverse effects. We are especially susceptible to influences during seasonal changes, so it is advisable to schedule your Seasonal Consultation in advance of the seasonal change. Vata, pitta, kapha govern our individual constitution, as well as the “environment” as a whole. Instead of winter, spring, summer and fall, Ayurveda views vata season (late fall to early winter), kapha season (coldest part of winter into spring) and pitta season (hottest, longest days from late spring into early fall.) Simple, easy and pleasant to implement Ayurveda tips and tools make a significant positive influence on your wellbeing.

Follow Up for Consultation Clients:  Once you have used up your Consultation Package, you may come for any concerns or areas you wish to improve. This on-going affordable support, may be used for Seasonal support, any new challenges, to go deeper into Ayurveda tools, private lessons, etc.

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