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Integrative Consultation                                    3  –  60 minute  visits        $195
Our most popular consultation
. Are you looking to understand what’s going on? Have you accepted certain things as “just stress” and “just aging”? Do you need support in reaching your wellness goals in a natural, holistic way?  The Integrative Consultation is our most popular consultation and here’s why–an in-depth intake/assessment during your first appointment, a written Report of Findings and Wellness Plan is reviewed in detail with you at your second appointment, and a 60 miinute follow up–this takes you a long way in establishing your daily life to meet your goals. By hanging ot togethr in the process, we can tweak your plan and you will receive whatever amoutn of encouragement and support you need. Email support is available during the time between appointments.

During this period we spend together, you gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of your constitution, management of current imbalances, a sustainable and enjoyable food plan and lifestyle tools for your constitution. These also provide  you with follow up,   Email support available during the time between appointments.
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Initial Wellness Consultation                                           90 minute               $108

A perfect way to start– provides us time to connect and focus on your wellness goals and to develop a foundation plan to achieve them.  During this 90 minutes, I review your intake forms and we create a plan based on Ayurveda nutrition and lifestyle. Let’s demystify diet trends, gain new skills that have endured for centuries because they work, and get you feeling your best.
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Follow Up/Seasonal Consultations                        60 Min $85 , 30 minutes $45 
IFollow Ups are ideal for those who have had an Initial or Integrative Consultation and want to learn more tools to continue to improve their health and wellbeing. At seasonal transitions, life transitions, during or after a stressful period, if a new challenges or concern arises, or anytime–Follow Up Consultations will keep you moving forward and going deeper. Clients often schedule Follow Ups once they are rolling with their Integrative Consultaiton plan. 
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 *   Prices do not include applicable taxes

Integrative Consultations: Integrative Consultations include an in-depth, 8-fold Ayurveda assessment, (pulse, tongue, etc.), which leads to a Custom Ayurveda Plan and Report of Findings and follow up sessions.  During the Ayurveda Plan session, we will spend about an hour and half walking through the findings and plan and answering any questions you may have.

Integrative Consultation allows the clients and practitioner to walk together for a few to several months. Why is this important? Two main reasons.  First, this ongoing support helps client integrate Ayurveda easily and consistently into their daily life and provides time to address the client’s concerns and goals.  Second, hanging out in the process together for months, the client’s Custom Ayurveda Plan can be tweaked, additions made, new concerns and goals addressed.

Seasonal Consultations Ayurveda’s Guide to Wellness: Understanding the qualities of each season and how they uniquely influence you, can help you reduce any adverse effects. We are especially susceptible to influences during seasonal changes, so it is advisable to schedule your Seasonal Consultation in advance of the seasonal change.  Simple, easy and pleasant to implement Ayurveda tips and tools, make a significant positive influence on your wellbeing.

Follow Up for Consultation Clients:  Once you have had a Wellness Consultation, keep your good momentum going with follow up and seasonal consutlations. This on-going affordable support, may be used for seasonal support, any new challenges, or to go deeper into feeling better.

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