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Gandusha & Kavalagraha

Ayurvedic Gargling Treatment 

There are two primary gargling techniques.

Gandusha: The mouth is completely filled with fluid such that gargling is impossible. The fluid is held in the mouth and then released.

Kavalagraha: A comfortable amount of fluid is in the mouth and gargled.

A simple rejuvenating treatment, when done routinely, enhances the senses, maintains clarity, brings about a feeling of freshness and invigorates the mind.

Senses are the way we interact and take in the world. By caring for them, we are better able to use our cognitive abilities.

Therapeutic Purposes:  Draws out excess dosha through the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. 
Condition Examples: Bad breath, dry face, dull senses, exhaustion, anorexia, loss of taste, impaired vision, sore throat, and all kapha related imbalances. 

Experience:  While listening to relaxing music, sitting upright, the mind is cleared of stressful thoughts. Gargling positively stimulates and soothes the sense organs, freshens the breath and invigorates the mind.

Benefits:  In addition to the conditions listed above


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