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Meditation Classes and Events

Meditation Classes

Meditation I - Introduction to Meditation

This class introduces the student to the basics of meditation in the Himalayan Tradition. Relaxation techniques, pranayama (yogic breath), ideal sitting postures, and the use of mantra will be taught to help the student focus the mind and relax the body. Beginning Raja yoga philosophy is also included in this class. Treat yourself to the many benefits of a regular meditation practice.

Meditation II - Superconscious Meditation

Students will learn more ways to calm the mind and have a deeper meditative experience. This class takes an in-depth look at yoga psychology and teaches techniques for dealing with thoughts and emotions. Swami Veda's lectures on Superconscious Meditation will be discussed.

The cost of the class includes the use of CDs of Swami Veda's Superconscious Meditation lectures.

Meditation III - Mantra: The Key to Deeper Meditation

Learn the science of mantra in meditation and how it is a tool to help focus your mind and move through blocks to a deeper meditative experience.

This class opens the opportunity for the student to receive a personal mantra. We will also cover the use of a mala, japa practice and akandajapa, as well as what to expect during mantra initiation.

Meditation IV: Sunday Sadhana 10am-12pm and Thursday evenings at The Meditation Center. Please email for detais

Advancing and Continuing Meditation with support of Satsang/community of meditators. For those with or without mantra. This is place and time to continue your study and practice and friendships.

On-Going Meditations

You are invited to meditate for an hour where ever you are, in your home or with friends. Total beginners, non-initiates and initiates are welcome!

Full Moon Worldwide Meditation Dates

2016 JAN 23 FEB 22 MAR 23 APR 21 MAY 21 JUN 20
JUL 19 AUG 18 SEP 16 OCT 16 NOV 14 DEC 13


7AM in India (IST), surrounding countries adjust the time accordingly, for example Iran is 5 AM.

8PMin East Asia, 8 PM Singapore time. Australia, China, Hon Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand etc. adjust their times to coincide with Singapore time 8 PM

8 PM in U.K. (Greenwich Mean Time). Those in all European, and all African time zones, please adjust your sitting time to coincide with 8 PM United Kingdom (GMT)

9PM in Central Standard Time Zone.

10 PMin New York. Surrounding countries and regions of South, Central and North America and the Caribbean to match their time to 10 PM New York time.

Guidelines for Full Moon Meditation

For those who participate in the full moon meditation and those who guide such groups, please read the following:

In the Himalayan Tradition mantras are not chosen at random. They are conferred by those who have been initiated and authorized to do so.

Those who have not received a mantra in the Himalayan Tradition may use:

1. So Ham

2. The name of their favorite form of the deity.

3. If they do not believe in any of these they may use one of the different ways of counting the breath.

A sample Meditation:

1. Sit as straight as you can on an even, firm, but cushioned surface.

2. Relax your forehead.

3. Relax your facial and physical musculature.

4. Bring awareness to your breathing.

5. Breathe slowly, gently, smoothly, evenly; without jerk or sound in the breathing.

6. Now feel the touch and flow of the breath in the nostrils.

7. Let there be no pause between the breaths; as one breath is completed, begin to feel the next breath flowing and touching the nostrils.

8. After a few breaths, choose:

a. whichever name of God is your favorite according to your tradition or religion;

b. or a sacred but short phrase or prayer word from your scripture or tradition

c. If you do not believe in a form of divinity, or spiritual incarnation and so forth, exhaling, think Oooonnne (One in a long and drawn out way), inhaling think Twwwoooo (Two) without a break in this count with the breath.

9. Exhaling, mentally remember the word or phrase. Inhaling, mentally remember the word or phrase.

10. Let there be no break between the breaths, nor between the incessant flow of the thoughts of the same phrase.

11. As soon as you become aware that you have lost the flow and other thoughts have begun to arise, re-start the same procedure from the beginning with number 1.

12. Sit for as long as you wish.

13. Let the quietness of the mind continue even after you rise.

14. If you practice this even for 2-3 minutes at a time many times a day, you will notice subtle changes in yourself for the better.

15. Whatever you do repeatedly with the mind, that will become the mind's habit; calming the mind repeatedly will return your mind to its calm nature.

Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha I - Introduction to Hatha Yoga

Balance your body and relieve stress in this thorough introduction to Hatha yoga. Each week you'll practice proper breathing, relaxation, joints & glands exercises (gentle stretches), as well as classic yoga asanas (postures).

You will also receive practical teachings on Yoga philosophy and lifestyle. The classes are gentle, yet profound, with an opportunity to experience a deep sense of relaxation and peace.

Hatha II - Developing Your Personal Practice

After you have learned how to relax the body and practice safely, we are ready to explore a wider variety of yoga asanas (postures). Students will learn how to develop a well-rounded personal practice, so that they can continue to balance and strengthen their bodies. This class will be tailored to meet the needs of each student.

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