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Nasya means “of the nose” and are Ayurvedic nasal treatments

Don’t be alarmed—nasya is pleasing to the senses!

There are seven paths that lead to the nasal passages: 2 though the eyes, 2 through the nostrils, 2 through the ears, and one through the mouth. The nose is that start of the entire respiratory tract and the primary place of prana (energy) absorption, so it is very important to care for this part of the body. 

Nasya opens the channels of the head and thereby increases prana (energy) flow, treating the brain by creating a healthy stimulation to the cranial system.

Using a variety of techniques, the senses are cleansed and rejuvenated.

Nasya is most effective in conjunction with netra tarpana (eye treatments) and karna purana (ear treatments).

This rejuvenating treatment offers relief from the common problems of environmental allergies, sinus problems and protects from colds and flu. 
Therapeutic Purposes:  The primary purpose is to promote the flow of prana in the brain, remove blockages, increase brain function and therein, improve mind-body function.  Nasya acts on the water (tarpaka kapha) of the head. Nasya treats any condition of the eyes, ears, nose and throat. All conditions from the collarbone up, are treated with nasya.

Nasya is indicated in imbalances of the head and neck:
Examples: Dry nasal condition, sinus congestion, common cold, acute and chronic sinusitis, allergies, gum disease, headaches, migraine, vertigo, dizziness, shoulder problems and so on.

Nasya treats eye conditions such as dry, itchy, and watery eyes, conjunctivitis and ear conditions such as tinnitus, earache and hearing loss. Nasya also is used for treating the loss of sense of smell.

Experience:  There are three types of nasya administered in five ways. Treatment is based according to the unique needs of the client.

While lying on the massage table, the neck, face and head are gently massaged opening the channels and dislodging congestion and loosening up the tissues. Next, an enjoyable herbalized steam inhalation is administered. This opens the internal channels, liquefies the congestion of the nasal tissues. Last, the nasya oil or powder is administered gently into the nose.

Benefits: In addition to treating the examples of conditions as listed above, nasya benefits:

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