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Traditional Medicine for Modern Living

Veena Haasl-Blilie specializes in Ayurveda as a way of helping people meet their wellness goals. Ayurveda has thrived for thousands of years because it works so wel–informing us how to make choices that are balancing through food, daily choices, and herbs–simple things done correctly, yield significant results. (Visit Client Stories)

She has offices in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Corrales, New Mexico. She offers convenient and effective Virtual Consultations. Seeing clients of all ages and with a wide-range of wellness goals, she particularly enjoys helping clients with anxiety, digestive issues, thyroid, work-life balance goals, inflammation, nutrition, skin, joint pain, arthritis, cholesterol, blood pressure, headaches, diabetes, stress management, men’s health, pain, and perimenopause.

Our goal is to teach you how to attain optimal health through gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your nature and how to regain and maintain balance–to feel better, lighter, more vibrant. Veena partners with each client to develop a plan that fits their life and supports them as they implement it.

At Saumya Ayurveda- Natural Health Solutions, clients are offered a range of consultations options, home cleanses and traditional Ayurveda stress management treatments. We embrace the benefits of modern technology and integrate tools, such as the RIchway Far Infrared BioMat.

We offer the highest quality handmade, small batch organic, local, sustainable teas, spices mixes, herbs and Ayurveda oils and ghees to support you on your wellness path. Client’s love our superb product quality and sustainable packaging, fair trade practices and watershed conservation.

Get Well * Stay Well, Naturally.

Richway Far Infrared BioMat

Traditional Gentle Herbs, Teas and Spices

“I have known Veena for close to twenty years. Over the years, I have sought her Ayurvedic counsel to improve my state of well-being and when I was struggling with significant, unremitting and deteriorating health issues. Her Ayurvedic treatment were always extremely beneficial.

She has amazing gifts to share and people should know that.  Veena is a great listener whose subtle, penetrating questions effectively bring forward important information.  She is also extremely intuitive.

I appreciate her collaborative approach as it results in a multimodality Ayurveda plan tailored to my unique symptoms, needs, schedule and goals.

Veena stays personally engaged, tracking changes and adjusting for as long as it takes to accomplish maximum healing and health.  She is a true healer.  I enthusiastically recommend Veena, without hesitation.”
–James W. Nelson, Psychologist, MA, author Running on Empty – a practical and worthwhile reflection on crucial factors influencing our youth.