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Services and Fees

Ayurvedic Consultation - 4 Appointments
Includes guided relaxation, initial visit, Whole Health Plan, check ins, and one month follow up.
$175 (adult)
$125 (children up to 16)
Follow Up Consultation$60/hr
Abhyanga (ayurvedic massage) $70
Facial Marma Therapy (facial vital points)$40
Facial Ayurveda Style$55 (Adult)
$35  (teen up to 18 years)
Garshan  (silk glove massage)$30
Karana Purana (ear treatment) $40
Kavalgraha and Gandusha (herbalized gargles)$15
Life-Work Balancing Consultation
Includes guided relaxation, dialog and resume assistance
Marma Therapy (transdermal vital point)$85
Nasya (nasal /sinus treatments) $40
Netra Tarpana (eye treatment) $30
Includes guided meditations, information appointment, consultation, and 3 days of treatments.
Pantry Make OverPlease Inquire
Private and Group Yoga & Meditation ClassesPlease Inquire
Scalp Massage & Lustrous Hair Treatment$55
Shirodhara (~30 minute warm oil stream forehead)
Includes foot, hand, face and head massage
$180 for 3
Surya Chikitsa (color therapy for home, office, self) Please Inquire
Swedana (herbal steam)$25

Ahhh…Bliss (abhyanga, swedana, shirodhara)$150
Ohhh…Bliss (abhyanga, nasya, netra tarpana, shiro)$195
Mmm…Bliss (abhyanga, facial marma, shiro)$165
Sense-atize (abhyanga, ears, eyes, nose, throat) $185
Ayurveda ENT (Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat)   $155

24 hour notice for cancellation required

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