Stress Management & Anxiety Relief – Naturally

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Adios Anxiety

“I’ve been working with Veena Haasl-Blilie since 2010. She has helped my overall health improve in many ways. We addressed my health concerns using food, oils, spices, lifestyle and herbs that best support me. It has balanced my constitution! I used to have chronic sinus infections and in the first year of her care, I didn’t have one. 

She also works with my emotional health ayurvedically.  My anxiety has lessened from her herbs and I’m almost completely free of it! The emotional ups and downs were gone within four months of starting Veena’s herbal treatment. 

Veena teaches you what to eat and drink to maintain balance from one season to the next. I’m amazed that learning what foods to eat, which teas to drink, and the herbal treatments helped mental health as well and my physical body. 

I highly recommend seeing Veena if you are looking for better physical and emotional health.”  –M.B.