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In Avyurveda, the word snehana means oil; it also means love.

Saumya Ayurveda uses oils prepared inthe traditional ayurvedic way. Herbs are sourced directly from India. Oils are then hand crafted in small batches in the USA. This results in fresh, high quality, traditional ayurvedic oils.

Essential oils used are organic, wild, crafted and sustainably harvested.

Abhyanga (Ayurvedic warm oil massage) 
Full body ayurvedic massage that stimulates marma points, relaxes muscles, nourishes the skin and other tissues layers. It is deeply relaxing, harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and rejuvenates the entire body. Abhyanga simultaneously revitalizes while it calms and strengthens the nervous system.

Warm, herbalized oil is gently, with flowing movements, massaged into the skin. Rhythmic, soothing stokes are used to move the underlying toxins in the tissue layers back to the digestive tract from where they can be eliminated.

Abhyanga is typically followed by Swedana (steam treatment) to further stimulate detoxification of the cells and pores through sweating.

Facial Ayurveda Style
A pleasing and therapeutic facial combines grains herbs and aromatic essential oils to balance each unique skin type. A deep, nourishing treatment that helps maintain the elasticity of the skin layers. The face and neck are gently cleansed and moisturized through massaging ayurvedic herbs and essential oils on the face and neck. Specific skin imbalances are treated. This treatment smoothes away facial tension, brings about a deep relaxation, and leaves you glowing. 

Facial Marma Therapy 
Vital energy points are located throughout face and awaken with the therapeutic touch of  transdermal creams and essential oils. Marmas are anointed with organic therapeutic grade aromatic oils, specific to each location and condition. As concentrated centers of energy, marma points respond to essential oils which penetrate easily and deeply, affecting the entire body-mind. 

Garshan  (invigorating silk glove massage) 
The Garshan massage is ideally suited to Kapha dosha types. During this stimulating massage, silk gloves are worn creating friction on the surface of the skin. The friction increases blood circulation, helps to oxygenate the cells and stimulates the removal of accumulated toxins. Benefits of garshan include: promotes weight loss, clears away clogging impurities, improves skin tone, and reduces sluggishness. 
Garshan is followed by abhyanga (warm oil massage) and then by swedana (steam treatment) to further stimulate detoxification of the cells and pores through sweating.

Karana Purana (cleansing and rejuvenating ear treatments) 
Karna purana is the process in which warm, herbalized oil or medicated liquid is gently, slowly poured into the ears. This lubricates the delicate filaments of the ear canal which sharpens hearing and removes impurities.  Karna purana creates a deep stillness.  
Kavalgraha and Gandusha (treatment for awakening the senses)
Herbalized gargles are used to draw out excess dosha through the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. While listening to relaxing music, sitting upright, the mind is cleared of stressful thoughts. Gargling positively stimulates and soothes the sense organs, freshens the breath and invigorates the mind.  Conditions: bad breath, dry face, dull senses, exhaustion, anorexia, loss of taste, impaired vision, sore throat, and all kapha related imbalances.

Life-Work Balancing Consultation      
Consultation begins with a guided relaxation to clear the mind and relax the body. During the dialoging process about your job search or job assessment, relaxing and clarifying herbal tea is served. Consultation includes update, revision or co-writing of a new resume with you.   
Marma Therapy  
Vital energy points are located throughout body and awaken with the therapeutic touch of  transdermal creams and essential oils. Marmas are anointed with organic therapeutic grade aromatic oils, specific to each location and condition. As concentrated centers of energy, marma points respond to essential oils which penetrate easily and deeply, affecting the entire body-mind.

Nasya (nasal /sinus treatments) 
While lying on the massage table, the neck, face and head are gently massaged opening the channels and dislodging congestion and loosening up the tissues. Next, an enjoyable herbalized steam inhalation is administered. This opens the internal channels, liquefies the congestion of the nasal tissues. Last, the nasya oil or powder is administered gently into the nose.

Netra Tarpana (eye treatment) 
A rejuvenating treatment. It relieves tired, achy and sore eyes and improves vision. It is an ideal treatment for people who use computers, drive long distances machine operators, or those who keep long hours.

First a marma (vital) point face massage is provided. Next, sterilized, warmed ghee is gently poured on the eyes while the client is led through relaxing, simple eye exercises. It is an enjoyable, relaxing and effective treatment that lasts about 20-30 minutes

Includes guided meditations, information appointment, consultation, and 3 days of treatments. Prices vary.

Panchakarma is cleansing, balancing, healing and rejuvenating for the body, mind and spirit.   It addressed the root cause of imbalances and disease and has been used for thousands of years as a method for staying healthy, young, and vital. Seasonal detoxification and rejuvenation. Renew at the cellular level through this special Ayurvedic program. Panchakarma therapies replenish the nervous system so you experience deeply needed rest and relaxation. Therapies are specific to your constitution and symptoms and are designed based on your consultation. Panchakarma treatment is a combination of traditional therapies.

Pantry Makeover
We are what we eat — so let’s do a makeover from the inside out.

After your ayurvedic consultation, you’ll begin to make small, lasting changes in your life, especially where food is concerned. It’s a lot easier to create healthy balanced meals when you have the correct ingredients on hand.

Let’s walk through your pantry together! We’ll make some room in your kitchen for nutritious food. Donate food items that are no longer supportive to your balance to the local food shelf. Next we’ll make a new grocery list.  We’ll add new items that transform your meals to energy giving, healthy meals. A well organized pantry also saves your time. By walking through this exercise, you will naturally “go green!”

Transform your panty-improve your life.

Private and Group Yoga & Meditation Classes  
Classes available in the 5,000 year old unbroken spiritual tradition of Raja Yoga. Raja yoga offers a complete system of yoga training for a more joyful, effective and successful life. It is an integrated, scientific, experiential approach to improving one’s ability to use mind and body more skillfully in everyday life.

Raja yoga includes asanas (physical postures and stretches), pranayama (efficient breathing), and other practical techniques for developing concentration, gaining insights and deepening stillness. Raja yoga techniques have proven worthwhile to thousands of people over the centuries.

Classes are collegial and supportive. Each class begins with a guided relaxation so students begin to develop a connection to their innate stillness from the beginning of class. 

Scalp Massage & Lustrous Hair Treatment  
Organic oil infused with brahmi, bringraj, and other herbs are massaged into the scalp, stimulating hair growth and making hair strong and luxurious.  Head marma points massage included. 
Shirodhara (~30 minute warm oil stream forehead) 
This icon of ayurvedic treatments soothes and invigorates the senses and the mind. A deep state of relaxation occurs as stress melts away and a profound meditative state is experienced.

Warm, herbalized oil is streamed onto the forehead. The soothing oil streams directly onto the ajna chakra (third eye, the point between the eyebrows) and the entire forehead. The oil stream awakens the third eye and it is transformative.

The preliminary treatment of abhyanga is highly recommended. 
Surya Chikitsa (color therapy for home, office, self)   
Specific colors have healing properties related to certain areas of physiology and emotional well-being. Since ancient times, the science of light and the physics of colors have been intuitively understood. Today, we have the research to support what has always been clear to human kind—color is therapeutic. By learning what colors bring balance, we can balance ourselves through simple applications of color. Who benefits from a white rose and its aroma on their desk at work, might you? What color is optimal for your dining room? What color palette is best for your wardrobe? There are endless applications to this simple yet profound treatment modality. 
Swedana (herbal steam) 
While enjoying the steam therapy, the body is touched by herbal steam; while a cool damp cloth is placed on the back of the neck and forehead keep the head cool. The practitioner gently mists the face with organic rose water. This produces a release of endorphins resulting in a relaxed and invigorated state of being.

The herbs in the steam assist in toxin removal, soften muscles, and support healthy circulation. Room temperature cooling teas, such as rose-mint or hibiscus will be sipped to rehydrate and cool the body.

Packages  Please see treatment descriptions above 
Ahhh…Bliss (abhyanga, swedana, shirodhara)   
Ohhh…Bliss (abhyanga, nasya, netra tarpana, shiro)   
Mmm…Bliss (abhyanga, facial marma, shiro)      
Sense-atize (abhyanga, ears, eyes, nose, throat)  
Ayurveda ENT (Ears, Eyes, Nose, Throat)   

24 hour notice for cancellation required 

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