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A rejuvenating and nuturing treatment creating a pool of stillness in the mind.

Shirodhara is the icon of Ayurveda in America. It is a luxurious application of Ayurveda to the body, mind, and spirit that deeply relaxes the nervous system.

A warm stream of herbalized oil is gently and slowly poured on the client’s forehead. This stimulates the pituitary gland and marma (vital) points.

A deep state of relaxation occurs as stress melts away and a profound meditative state is experienced.

Successive shirodhara treatments result in the mind systematically achieving an even deeper state of stillness. Here, more healing occurs.

Therapeutic Purposes: All imbalances of the head and sense organs. It is a general tonification treatment for the nervous system and mind.  
Vata Disorders: Anxiety, nervousness, panic attacks, manic depression, prickling pain in head, hair loss, hearing loss, fatigue, mental exhaustion, gray tongue coating, insomnia, headaches, dry facial skin and scalp, constipation, bell’s palsy.

Pitta Disorders: Burning sensation in head and body, ulcerated or inflamed conditions of the head, conjunctivitis, excess sweating, dim vision, blood disorders, yellow tongue coating, greenish or yellowish color to urine or feces.

Kapha Disorders: Excessive sleep, heaviness to body, indigestion, weak digestion, mucous, obesity, white tongue coating, white urine or feces, loss of appetite, repulsion to food, anorexia.

Experience: Shirodhara brings one to a deep state of relaxation as it soothes and invigorates the senses and the mind. A state of deep bliss is produced.

Shirodhara means the pouring of oil on the forehead. Warm, herbalized oil is streamed onto the forehead. The soothing oil streams directly onto the ajna chakra (third eye, the point between the eyebrows) and the entire forehead.

The practitioner maintains a certain, rhythmic speed of the oil stream while awakening the third eye. The oil trickling onto the third eye, the seat of cognitive and body tissues, is transformative.

The preliminary treatment of abhyanga is highly recommended.

Benefits: Benefits are increased with successive treatments.


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