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Ayurvedic steam therapy

Traditional healing systems around the world have used steam therapy since ancient times. Japanese steam rooms, Finnish saunas, Turkish baths and there are others. swedana is the ancient Ayurvedic steam treatment.

Swedana is a companion treatment that follows abhyanga.

Therapeutic Purposes:

The purpose of swedana is to increase body temperature which opens the channel system to dilate resulting in increased circulation. It allows toxins to move out of the body through the skin as the body sweats.

Swedana is useful for all conditions of stagnation, coldness, and stiffness.  

Sweating also reduces fat tissue assisting with weight loss.

Herbs are added to the steam therapy according to the client’s state of imbalance.

Avagha Swedana:  A deep bath is filled with herbal decoctions or essential oils.

While enjoying the steam therapy, the body is touched by herbal steam; while a cool damp cloth is placed on the back of the neck and forehead keep the head cool. The practitioner gently mists the face with organic rose water. This produces a release of endorphins resulting in a relaxed and invigorated state of being.

The herbs in the steam assist in toxin removal, soften muscles, and support healthy circulation. Room temperature cooling teas, such as rose-mint or hibiscus will be sipped to rehydrate and cool the body. 


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