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Ayurvedic Treatments

"When you're on the marma points, the breath becomes subtle and still.
The minda shifts to neutral and I go into deep stillness."

"It's like my body and mind vibrate afterwards.
I just want to be still and merge into the vibration and watch the breath go quiet."

~ Michael Smith
Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Cooking Classes
"I wanted to let you know that your bean soup recipe was a huge hit with the family! I was really surprised that my son and husband liked it because they usually do not try anything that does not have meat in it. But it did smell so good they had to try it."

~ Lynn Miller
Essential Home Cleaning, White Bear Lake

Ayurvedic Consultation
"The visit has given me clarity and sense of calm."

"I feel better already - it's quite amazing."

"The guidance, coaching and tools one receives so that a person has the knowledge and tools to create balance independently at home with one's lifestyle - this is crucial."

"In a matter of a week, I've discovered what it feels like to awaken energetic and vibrant, thanks to a personal ayurvedic plan. During the day, I'm no longer drowsy but alert, yet calm. Before, meditating was an exception to they day. With her compassion and care, which have made her a good friend, I've discovered how the entire day is now a meditation."

~ Don Freeman
Managing Editor, Hazelden

"The tea is wonderful - I love it! It brings a sense of being more awake and present."

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